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If you're a young Mafia gangster out on your first date, I bet it's really embarrassing if someone tries to kill you.


How to create a new newsgroup
First, you propose it. Then, no fewer than 15, but no more than 100, people must flame your proposal, using the following arguments in proportions determined by RFC 6780: "Make it in alt first!" "We don't need another group!" "It's a good idea, but it should be called something else." "U r st00pid and u suk" "What's wrong with the current hierarchy?" "Why not a mailing list first?" After this first phase (the official 'Call For Flames'), the second phase occurs, in which twice as many people counterflame. This lasts for 3-6 weeks. Then a vote is taken. The group must pass by 100 votes, unless it's a Tuesday, in which case it must be 150 votes, except that votes from left-handed Serbian goatherders count double unless they are also deaf in the right ear. Then someone accuses the vote-takers of being drug-dealing wife-beating Nazi pedophiles. Then someone threatens to sue someone else, pointing out that the US Constitution specifically states, in Article II, Section III, the rules under which Usenet is to be run. Then all the Candians feel compelled to remind everyone this is the Internet, not USNet. Then follows 2-3 weeks of 'My country is better than yours' flaming. At some point during this ritual, someone will probably decide the idea is a good one and create the group. Then comes 2 weeks of "My server doesn't carry this group, so crosspost all your messages to alt.alien.vampires, or else you're trying to censor me!" Please note, this isn't necessarily the way the process is described. But it's how it always seems to work. (Oh yes -- ten years from now, people must still be feuding over it.)
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