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Quotes from the 2001 Big Brother house
"God!! There are 9 of us in here.....!!! It does not seem to be as many as at the start!!!..." - Helen "I dreamed last night when I was asleep..." - Helen "There's less people in the house than we started with" - Helen "Do I look chubby, I'm worried if I'm nominated as I'll have lots of pictures taken of me. I just won't eat anything on Friday". - Helen "The problem is you're so similar - but in different ways." - Amma "I was nervous and I'm never nervous" - Paul "If there were less people in here it would be less crowded." - Dean "You do have 5 fingers don't you?" - Helen "I think I'm the only Welsh person in here" - Helen "On her G.C.S.E's: "God.!! How come you lot have got loads and I have only got 2" - Helen "I probably sound Welsh on the telly" - Helen Dean playing "The Look of Love" with Amma singing along, Helen : "Is that one of your songs, Dean?" "I love blinking, I do!" - Helen "It would have to be - like - half a trained dog" - Amma "What is a Liberal Democrat?" - Helen "Is the jelly cooked" - Helen "This is big brother, a meteorite has landed in the garden. You have 2 minutes to get dressed..." Helen: "dressed? what as in clothes?" "Yeah, you know Jack Daniels... he does all the magic stuff!" - Helen Bubble was balancing the 3 juggling balls on Brian's head as he was reading a book on the sofa and Helen said: "that's fantastic that is, does he know?" Helen, the first one in the hot tub- (Sun behind clouds, cold outside) "It's just like being in Spain!" "What does insanity MEAN???" - Helen Brian: "What if she's (Helen) got an IQ of 25?" Helen: "Actually, I'm only 23" Stuart: "What's Deans greatest fear?" Bubble: "Going insane" Helen: "No it isn't, its insanity he's scared of" "Those infrared cameras can see under your duvet covers" - Helen "I've heard that when men's willies are erect they are all the same size" - Helen "I don't like telling clients (her hairdressing customers) that I teach dancing because they might think I'm being big headed". - Helen Josh: "I've had 4 wet dreams... I wake up in the morning covered." Helen: "Covered in what?" Dean told the group how fans had stalked members of his band. Helen seemed shocked. "I've never been stalked. It doesn't happen in Wales," "... They're self-indulged with themselves..." - Helen "What's in kidney beans?" - Helen (when Helen was cutting Paul's hair) Helen : "I don't think any camera is on me right now" Paul : "yeah except for the one right in front of us!" Helen : "Oh yeah" "Jimmy, Isn't that the name of a baby Kangaroo?" - Helen Brian to Helen, "Did you make any mistakes cutting people's hair?" Helen, "When I was training, I cut someone's necklace off". Helen to Dean, "Can you play the Vengaboy's are coming?" Dean "No".
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