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I am not the boss of my house. I don't know how I lost it. I don't know when I lost it. I don't think I ever had it. But I've seen the boss's job and I don't want it. -Bill Cosby


Proof that women are evil
We know that women like two things, your time and your money Therefore women = time x money now time equals money, so women = money x money Money is the root of all evil, so money = square root of evil By squaring both sides of the equation, money squared = evil Now go back to the equation women = money x money See where I'm headed? women = money squared = evil A problem with this "proof" occurred to me immediately: Since evil is negative, the square root of evil must be imaginary, which would mean that money is imaginary, and therefore, by definition, so is time. Then I realized that, in my life at least, that's pretty much true.
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