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If there's ever an amusement park called Bag World, I bet it would really start to annoy you after a while how they really sort of stretch the definition of "bag."


Some definitions of words used at sea
Sailing - The fine art of getting wet and becoming ill while slowly going nowhere at great expense. Beam Sea - A situation in which waves strike a boat from the side, causing it to roll unpleasantly. This is one of the four directions from which wave action tends to produce extreme physical discomfort. The other three are `bow sea' (waves striking from the front), `following sea' (waves striking from the rear), and `quarter sea' (waves striking from any other direction). Bulkhead - Discomfort suffered by sailors who drink too much. Calm - Sea condition characterized by the simultaneous disappearance of the wind and the last cold beverage. Course - The direction in which a skipper wishes to steer his boat and from which the wind is blowing. Crew - Heavy, stationary objects used on shipboard to hold down charts, anchor cushions in place and dampen sudden movements of the boom. Current - Tidal flow that carries a boat away from its desired destination, or towards a hazard. Flashlight - Tubular metal container used on shipboard for storing dead batteries prior to their disposal. Fluke - The portion of an anchor that digs securely into the bottom, holding the boat in place; also, any occasion when this occurs on the first try. Seabag - 1. Canvas sack in which a sailor's gear is carried. 2. Aging mermaid. Zephyr - Warm, pleasant breeze. Named after the mythical Greek god of wishful thinking, false hopes, and unreliable forecasts.
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