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What girls say and what they really mean
They say: Can't we just be friends? They mean: There is no way in hell I am ever gonna let any part of your body touch mine again. They say: I just need some space. They mean: Yea, space without you in it. They say: Can you help me with my homework? They mean: If I keep whining the fool will do it for me. They say: Do I look fat in this dress? They mean: We haven't had a fight in awhile. They say: No, pizza's fine. They mean: Cheap bastard. They say: I just don't want a BF right now. They mean: I just don't want you as a BF. They say: I dunno; what do you wanna do? They mean: I can't believe you don't have anything planned. They say: Come here. They mean: My puppy does this too. They say: I like you but... They mean: I just don't like you. They say: You never listen. They mean: You never listen! They say: We're moving too quickly. They mean: I won't sleep with you til I find out if this guy in Bio has a GF or not. They say: I'll be ready in a minute. They mean: I AM ready, but I'm gonna make you wait cuz I know you will. They say: Oh no, I'll pay for myself. They mean: I'm just being nice; there's no way I'm going Dutch. They say: Oh yes! Right there! They mean: Well, near there; I just wanna get this over with. They say: I'm just goin out with the girls. They mean: We're gonna go out and make fun of you and your friends. They say: There's no one else. They mean: I'm doing your brother. They say: Size doesn't count... They mean: Unless I want an orgasm.
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