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"I'd like to help the homeless, but they're never home." - Lenny Clarke


Are you a real traveller?
1. Five points if you ever went two weeks without a shower. 2. Five points if you ever paid less than $5 for a room. 3. Five point if you ever slept with more than five different people in a one-week period. Ten points if they weren't all high or drunk. 4. Five points if a border guard took one look at your passport and frisked you. 5. In Thailand, add five points if you were an audience volunteer in a sex show. Add ten points if you caught the ping pong ball. 6. In India, add five points for each involuntary bodily function. Add ten points if you can identify exactly which meal was the source of those involuntary bodily functions. 7. In Europe, add five points for any city where you just got drunk and high with Americans and Aussies and didn't meet any local people or see any museums, churches, or historical sites. 8. Add five points for any attempts at finding a "culture untouched by modernity" that wound up being people in T-shirts drinking coke and watching DVDs. 9. Add five points if you've ridden a motorcycle without a helmet on a horrible Third World road. 10. Add five points if you've ever bargained over an item that costs less than $1. 11. Finally, add five points if you've ever complained about a place being "overcommercialized" or "better five years ago", or if you called some random Eastern European shithole "The New Prague".
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